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The Globe International center conducts survey for Mongolian Right to Information
Mongolia’s Constitution guarantees its citizens the freedom of opinion and expression and the right to information and to publish. In 2011 the Law on Information Transparency and the Right to Information (LITRI) was adopted following consistent lobbying from civil society. The Law was ranked 53rd out of 95 countries in the Global Right to Information Rating.
IPDCtalks: Mongolia
In celebration of the second International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI), the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO and Globe International Center (GIC) will host an “IPDCtalks: Mongolia” event for the first time.
Mongolia celebrated International Day for Universal Access to Information
On the occasion of the International Day for Universal Access to Information, Globe nternational Center NGO in collaboration with UN Mongolia and Open Society Forum organized National Consultation on Law on Information Transparency and Right to Information (LITRI). The Consultation took place on September 28, 2016 between 9.30AM — 1.00PM in the Open Society Forum Meeting Hall.
Informed people are Powerful: The story of the access to Information campaign
GIC actively worked to increase its transparency and information openness through monitoring, training of public officials and building monitoring skills for the citizens by helping the local and national public agencies. We spent seven years for lobbying the FoI Law by changing the tactics and raising awareness of MPs, decision makers and the public until the Parliament passed the Law on Information Transparency and Right to Information in June 2011.
Training of trainers to strengthen Social Accountability in Education sector
A total of 24 participants from three aimags’ NGOs and AFE CSO coalition members gained skills needed to sustain social accountability processes and social accountability tools via joint and separate trainings held 15-18 December, 2015 at the State Bank’s Main building.
The multi-stakeholder Inception Seminar for TAME project was organized
A total of 48 participants attended the Inception Seminar aimed to reinforce discussions on the collective efforts of the stakeholders in the education sector at national and provincial levels: government agencies, civil society representatives and school staff and parents towards making the education services better.
Media for Transparency Media Campaign Report
Based on the results of the Baseline survey involved 1948 citizens and public officials from 20 target soums of 8 aimags, the project developed an Information policy/strategy of Media campaign. During the media campaigns, the project cooperated with a total of 11 traditional media outlets: 4 national media outlets, 7 local aimag media outlets and 10 soums’ community radios. 
English summary report on Usage of information dissemination channels
In frame of the project called “Increasing Citizen’s Access to Information to Promote Transparency and Integrity in Mongolia” was developed a new public information dissemination channels such us information boards, SMS service, websites in the target 20 soums of 8 aimags
Endline survey summary
In the frame of the UNDEF-funded two-year project Globe International Center, a Mongolian NGO has conducted the baseline and final surveys to gather information the types and scale of the problems affecting transparency and integrity in public service as well as a clear picture of the level of knowledge and understanding on the right to access information and existence of the FOI law.
Citizens' Monitoring Summary report
During a period of 30 July 2013 and 21 October 2014, the citizens conducted monitoring in 19 soums out of 20. No monitoring conducted in one soum: Asgat soums of Sukhbaatar aimag because the team was splited.