Media development program
Goal is to assist in building of powerful media that will have greater freedom to play a leading role in the development of democracy and society.

In Mongolia independent Media is a reality over the last transitional years but media is not able to be a 4th estate and cannot play a role of public watch-dog. If journalists are not permitted to provide the public with information of their interests, democracy cannot be a real. Journalists are not isolated in the society. They are in cooperation defending their own rights.

  • Free expression monitoring and legal aid to journalists
  • Media Legal Framework
    • Lawyers' training
    • Legal analysis
    • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Media and Elections
  • Media and Gender
  • Community Media
  • Specialised Reporting
    • Investigative reporting
    • Freelance journalists
    • Election
    • Human rights
    • Conflict of interests
    • Small artisanal mining
    • Gender
    • Environmental reporting
    • Mining reporting
    • Pre-school education