Media and Public relation

Media and Public relation

Enviroment Protection Law of Mongolia

Article 36 Ecological training and education

3/ the publication in the mass media of ecological education , traditions and customs related to environmental protection and enviromental legislation

Law of Mongolia on Central Bank (Bank of Mongolia)

Article 34 Statements of the Bank of Mongolia

4. The Bank of Mongolia may publish statistical information and reports in compliance with the laws

The Law on Central and Local Government Property

May 27, 1996

Article 6. Disseminating information about assets to be privatised

1. The State Privatisation Committee shall make public the information on state-owned legal entities and state-owned shares of legal entities with partial state ownership not later than 30 days in advance from commencement of privatisation, through government official media.

The Law on Criminal Procedures

December 24, 1963

Article 113. Grounds for filing a criminal case:

Grounds for filing a criminal case shall be as follows:

3) information published in press.

The Law on Culture

Approved on April 11, 1996

Article 3. Legal definitions

The following terms in this law shall have the following meanings:

1) "cultural activities" means creation of cultural valuables, their possession, use, protection and conservation, research and dissemination, including the following:

e) conducting cultural activities through public media.

Article 13. Full rights of the central government administrative authority in charge of cultural issues

3) to participate in conducting cultural activities via public media

4) to develop production of books, prints and cinematography

The Law on Medicaments

May 7, 1998

Article 17. Information and advertisement of medicaments

17.3. The following shall be prohibited in advertising medicaments:

17.3.1. to advertise through media in order to import and to sell medicaments not recorded in the national medicaments registry.

17.3.2. to advertise medicaments given on prescriptions, in order to sell.

17.3.3. to advertise narcotic medicaments or medicaments affecting mental health through media.

17.3.4. to advertise medicaments by showing only one side of their effects.

17.3.5. to advertise only medicaments allowed to be used in hospitals for sale in drugstores.

The Law on Procedures to Remedy Damages to Citizens Resulting From Activities Violating the Laws by Courts, Public Prosecutor Offices, Investigation and Case Registration Authorities of Mongolia

March 23, 1990

Article 12. Informing about activities violating the laws

If, after publicising by media that a citizen is charged, criminally charged, imprisoned, is imposed an administrative penalty of doing compulsory works or arrested, activities described here are proven to be unlawful, the courts, bailiffs’ authority, investigation and case registration authorities shall make a corresponding correction through media within 10 days.

The Law on State Inspection

Approved on March 27, 1995

Amended on December 19, 1996

Article 5. General reasons and procedures to conduct inspections

15. Inspection authorities may conduct inspection within the scope of their functions in accordance with information supplied by citizens. Inspection authorities shall strictly observe confidentiality of information.