The multi-stakeholder Inception Seminar for TAME project was organized
A total of 48 participants attended the Inception Seminar aimed to reinforce discussions on the collective efforts of the stakeholders in the education sector at national and provincial levels: government agencies, civil society representatives and school staff and parents towards making the education services better. They appreciated the kick-off with the inception seminar held at Bishrelt Plaza hotel on December 14, 2015 and where the scope and tasks of the project involving diverse stakeholders at the national and provincial levels were introduced and had gained awareness on the importance of reaching collective understanding in order to improve the education quality. The presence of Government counterparts and representatives of government organizations and their active involvement in the panel discussions listening to and responding to issues regarding school budget and procurement was another positive outcome of the seminar. Moreover, several government officials expressed their willingness to support and to cooperate during the project implementation.

The diverse stakeholders had active participation in voicing their opinions and engaged in the discussions in efforts to reach collective understanding. Even though the education budget is insufficient, the participants had agreed to find ways to spend the budget efficiently since the state officials confirmed that the education and health budgets are kept at the same level despite the fact the country is struggling financially.

The seminar was reported by 9 national television stations and seven news websites. James Anderson, Resident Representative and Country Manager, The World Bank, B.Nasanbayar, Head of the Strategic Policy, Planning Department, MESC, several school principals and Heads of Education Department of aimag interviewed by television reporters.