The Law on Archive

January 2, 1998

Article 25. Use of archive documents

25.3. The archives, at its own initiation, may promote archival documents through use of the mass media.

25.9. In case individuals or organisation publish documents of the state archive, these documents shall be checked against the original kept in the archive and appropriate permission shall be received from the state archive.

The Law on Executive Activities

Approved December 19, 1997

Article 13. Full rights of executive government authorities and their employees

13.2.2. to use premises of organisations and residential premises of individuals, transportation, means of communication and media, if necessary.

The Law on Geodesy and Mapping

Approved on October 31, 1997

Article 12. Prohibited activities

12.1. Organisations, business entities and individuals shall be prohibited to conduct the following activities related to production of geodetic works and maps and geodetic and mapping services:

12.1.1. to publish, copy, use for advertisement and transfer to others confidential location maps and data without authorisation of the central government administrative authority in charge of geodesy and mapping.

12.1.4. to copy or print maps created by organisations, business entities and individuals, violating procedures stated in laws.

The Law on Protection of Historical and Cultural Works

May 24, 1994

Article 9. Advertising and using historical and cultural works

5. The Cabinet shall define procedures on copying, producing souvenirs using the model, making films, video records, taking photographic pictures and making collections of stamps and postcards.

The Law on Secret Agency

July 8, 1999

Article 12. Rights of the State Secret Agency

12.1. The State Secret Agency shall have the following rights:

12.1.1. To observe, inspect, check postage and enter communication and other information networks in a concealed way in order to operate in accordance with laws.

The Law on Statistics

June 5, 1997

Article 10. Rights and obligations of users of statistical information

Users of statistical information shall have the following rights and obligations:

2) to make reference to the source of information when using and publishing official statistical data.