Media and Public interests

Media and Public interests

Consumer Protection Law

Article 6 Obtaining true and complete information about products

4. If it is proved that products put into circulation are harmful to the life and health of humans or the environment, the producer and the seller shall immediately notify the public. The producer and seller shall notify the public through the executive boards of local Hurals, the relevant State control bodies, the media and other means

The Law on Civil Defence

Approved on May 24, 1994

Article 8. Announcement of Civil Defence

3. Communication and information organisations, regardless of the type of their ownership, shall transmit information announcing civil defence in presence of destruction devices, during disasters and accidents.

The Law on Fire Security

Approved May 28, 1999

Article 22. Information about fire security

22.1. Urgent information related to prevention of fires and destroying fires shall be published or broadcast via media upon charge but without regard of waiting list, upon the request of relevant authorities.

The Law on Food


Article 6. Internal and public control over food safety

16.2. Citizens and non-government institutions shall control food safety, government administrative and inspection authorities and their employees shall be informed and warnings shall be broadcast through media.

The Law on Meteorological and Environmental Assessment and Analysis

Approved in November 1997

Article 13. Transmission of information about meteorology and environment

13.4. Information about natural disasters shall be promptly delivered to public through communication and information media, with the highest priority and without reference to type of ownership.

The Law on Military Recruitment

May 15, 1995

Article 34. Cancelling military recruitment

34.3. It shall be prohibited to publish, broadcast and to advertise data and information about military recruitment except its announcement.

The Law on State of Emergency

Approved on November 14, 1995

Article 7. Announcement and extension of an extraordinary regime

2. The implementing authority shall be promptly informed about a decision on announcement or cancellation of an extraordinary special regime and this information shall be promptly delivered to public by national media and other means available.

The Law on the Police Authority of Mongolia

Approved on December 2, 1993

Article 26. Ensuring prompt operation of police authority

1. The police authority and its employees shall have the following rights during measures against crimes and protection of social order:

2) to use communication media of organisations and individuals to promptly transmit information about crimes and violations.

4) to use media when it is necessary to deliver urgent information to the public.

  1. In cases described in provisions 1 and 2 of paragraph 1 of this Article, the

police authority shall pay the fare or other direct expenses regardless of ownership.

In cases described in provisions 3 and 4 of the same paragraph, the police authority shall use transportation and media owned by the state free of charge. In case of use of transport or media owned by others, the police authority shall pay the fare or other direct expenses.

3. In case the police officer is unable to make the payment immediately, he shall give an official document confirming use of transport or media and shall compensate for it later.

The Law on War Regime

Approved on May 15, 1998

Article 5. Announcement of war regime

5.4. An order of the President of Mongolia shall be promptly announced through media not earlier than 6 hours before issue of a State Ikh Khural resolution announcing the war regime.

Article 6. Cancellation of a war regime

6.3. Resolution of the State Ikh Khural cancelling a war shall be promptly announced via public media.

The Law on Warlike Situation

Approved on January 8, 1998

Article 5. Announcement of warlike situations

5.5. Resolutions of the State Ikh Khural announcing warlike situations shall be promptly announced to public.

Article 7. Cancellation of warlike situations

7.3. Resolutions of the State Ikh Khural cancelling warlike situations shall be promptly announced to public.