“ Let’s share experience and move forward together” training was organized in Arkhangai aimag

GIC’s regional capacity building training titled “ Let’s share experience and  move forward together”  for contracted 26 local civil society organizations was held on April 13-14 2023 in the Conference room of Local Government House, Arkhangai aimag. 

Mr. B. Batjargal, Head of Representatives of Citizen’s meeting, welcomed MASAM II project team and co-implementers of various aimags and distrcits to his aimag and, highlighted the importance of citizen participation in key fields including public investment and primary health care service, and wished a sucsess to regional training participants.  He thanked CSOs for their initiative to conduct monitoring in Arkhangai aimag. 

A new methodology was developed by GIC together with WB consultant under the supervision of WB project team. According to the suggestion of the CSOs, GIC team decided to organize   action leaning activity that CSOs would practice to conduct monitoring and evaluation process in the field of projects that is just recently commenced, in the middle of implementation and already has done. Total 26 participants involved to this activity divided in to 3 citizens monitoring example group to localize a new SA tool under the supervision of GIC trainers. 

Representatives of three NGOs, who has experienced in PI field led the group. This action learning  activities consisted of in-person survey (questionnaire), focus group discussions and case studies. GIC project team members together with its local partner CSOs organized monitoring activities in the field namely footpath in the 3th khoroo, Tsetserleg town financed by LDF, Teachers methodological center, Public Swimming Pool under the PI in the same town. 

3 focus group discussions (in each group, for public officials and CSOs/citizens) which involved 5-7 participants each. Government stakeholders including specialists in charge of planning and procurement participated in the discussion. Another focus group discussion involved citizens and CSOs. The questionnaire involved 10 persons.  According to the survey, the majority of surveyors did not know about LDF and PI financed projects.  A very few people who participated in public procurement received information from tender.gov.mn website. Other sources of information include social media sites and information boards. The dissemination of information through official website could not directly reached public.

After visiting designated field of planned project, 3 citizens monitoring example group separately facilitated group session to integrate their understanding on gathering, and to verify and analyze information, and to prepare PPTs and shared it with other participants. 

After each presentation, Ch.Enkhbayar, GIC;s trainer and co-developer of new SA tool commented his view on it and asked detailed question on related gatherings. Moreover he advised to them to clarify each information to be prepare the exact recommendations to relevant officials. Finally, he had led the session together with other project team members on how to effectively engage in advocacy/lobbying activities under the new SA tool.