Strategies to collaborate

Within the program, Empowering Youth and Women Journalists, being implemented by the International Republic Institute (IRI) with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Globe International Center organized the online forum Election and the Media, thereby developing strategies to collaborate, based on the suggestions made by the participants of the forum.

June 25, 2021


1. To influence the inclusion of election reporting in the curricula of journalism universities by developing and submitting proposals in collaboration with journalism teachers.

2. To influence media organizations and editorial offices to develop and adhere to ethical principles and operational strategies during elections.

3. To collaborate with professional organizations in order to warn media organizations and editorial offices to produce journalistic works dedicate to voters' education during the election.

4. To collaborate on voter education. Encourage and influence government, civil society organizations, journalists, and the media to join forces.

5. The parties shall take joint initiatives, raise issues, and conduct advocacy activities to improve the legal environment for elections. These include organizing meetings of trade unions, organizing multi-stakeholder discussions, developing joint recommendations, and submitting them to legislators.


6. Capacity building of journalism students by continuing to increase the awareness of journalism teachers.

7. Civil society organizations, in cooperation with the General Election Commission, should organize effective case-based training at the national level to improve voter awareness.


8. To provide e-learning opportunities for journalists to share their knowledge and experience with other journalists and media professionals.