Youth and Women Journalists online conference-marathon was held

Globe International center organized Youth and Women journalists online conference held on 25-29 May 2020. The conference-training organized as an online marathon between young and women journalists to educate the young and women journalists on the principles of objective and ethical election reporting and election guidelines.

A total of 86 participants attended the inception conference by the Zoom application on 25 May 2020. The opening speech delivered by Craig Castagna, IRI Resident Program Director, and Kh.Naranjargal, Head of the GIC. Craig Castagna highlighted in his speech “ This program is nonpartisan and brings together participants from various political backgrounds and beliefs.  Regardless, what your political views are one thing we can agree on is that only a resilient democratic society can rich its full potential and this is why we are excited that you are with us here today and this week for the conference because we feel that journalism is essential to democracy and to raising the voices of women and youth and to civic engagement. 

Kh.Naranjargal highlighted in her speech that “SDG 16.10.2 Ensure public access to information and protect fundamental freedoms which are relevant to the civic right to information and on the other hand, is the safety of journalists”.

After online conference meeting participants joined in the “GIC-Journalists training” Facebook group and around 40 training videos and contents disseminated through the group. Participants watched the training materials from the group and they can ask questions directly from trainers as a comment if they have misunderstood anything from the training. Most active and intensive three members won for the marathon. The online marathon had been organized for 5 days. 

Training materials:

The Compulsory training videos in the scope of 4 main categories (14)

                 I. Democratic Election and Media 

                II. Fake news and Fact-checking 

               III. Electoral Integrity 

               IV. Election and Gender 

Joan Mower’s training (5)

Documentaries for voter education (6) 

E-tips for journalists (6) 

A total of 262 members joined and 64% is under age 35, out of all members 90% in women and 10% in men. Facebook participants’ engagement shows that 94 posts, 918 comments, and 3151 reactions for the 5 days. 
A total of 262 participants attended from the capital city, provinces including Dornogobi, Khuvsgul, Drakhan, Arkhangai, and Khovd. Also, participants who are staying abroad are attended in the training from Korea, Australia, Moscow, and France.