"Let's Discuss - Let's Resolve Together" Multistakeholder meeting was held

The purpose of multi-stakeholder meetng was: to discuss the achievements reached and results achieved in the direction of increasing budget transparency and strengthening citizens' participation in public investment, to discuss the obstacles encountered and ways to overcome them, and to seek joint solutions to ensure the future stability of local initiatives within the project framework.  

The discussion was attended by J.Delgerjargal, Head of the Investment Department of the Ministry of Finance,  Specialist from Investment Department from Ministry of Finance, D.Badamchimeg, Senior Public Sector Specialist of World Bank, M,Khaliun, Consultant of Word Bank, P.Ganchimeg , Consultant of World Bank, Hatanbaatar , Director of Onol Tech LLC, 6 people from the Globe International Center, 3 representatives from project team of the World Vision Organization, representatives from Local Governor Offices of Khuvsgul, Dornogovi, Darkhan-Uul, Tuv, Zavkhan, Bulgan and Dornod aimags  and Baganuur,  Songinokhairkhan districts as well as representatives of CSOs and CRKH from Bulgan, Darkhan-Uul , Dornod, Zavkhan aimags and Baganuur District. In total, 28 people participated. 

Training on how to prepare CBB was conducted for experts from the Investment and Development Policy Planning Department and the Finance and Treasury Department of related aimags and districts in various forms, including individual and regional, and then the 2022 and 2023 CBBs were prepared. In doing so, all the parties involved agreed that the close cooperation with CSOs implementing the project in the area of information preparation and dissemination has laid the foundation for further implementation. 

Regarding receiving proposals through the public investment application for projects and programs to be implemented with public investment in the future: 

This work aims to explore the possibility of developing and strengthening social accountability by providing citizens' participation in the management of public investments.  By using PI mobile application, the citizens had opportunity to vote on the planning of investment projects and measures to be implemented by public investment in 2024. The parties agreed that it was a very important measure taken to publicize the national and provincial development policy documents. 

Regarding regularization of monitoring and evaluation work using "Method for monitoring and evaluation of investment projects implemented with the funds of state and local budgets and local development funds" as a standard: 

The CSOs conducted monitoring and evaluation for 3 types of projects, planned to be implemented, in progress and completed. These projects were selected, monitored and evaluated, recommendations were developed, and influence work was carried out.  

CSOs concluded that this SA tool is characterized by systematic, sequential, phased and orderly. Also, monitoring and evaluation forms are flexible, time-saving, and easy to use and is highly important because it prevents the budget from being spent inefficiently. 

The parties agreed that CSOs successfully implemented the method they have acquired in their provinces and districts, which has encouraged the stable work of the Citizens' Monitoring Group in the future.